Terp Weekly Edition, March 18th, 2011

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This week on Terp Weekly Edition:

  • A fraternity banned from College Park because of a hazing incident has returned.  Devin Miller talks to the members of the newly resurrected chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa.
  • With the arrival of the St. Patrick’s day holiday, and the NCAA basketball tournament, its not unusual for most students to kick back with a cold drink.  But some Maryland studens have found its possible to have a good time without an alcoholic beverage.  Emily Jacobs has the story.
  • As “March Madness” descends on College Park, and the nation, what are Maryland students (and professors) planning for the NCAA tournament?  Anchor Brian Hoffman has the story.
  • For the first time in several years, the Maryland men’s basketball tournament is watching college basketall’s post season from the sidelines, and has not been invited to either of the top tournaments.  Kenny Gartner takes the pulse of Terp fans on the news.
  • Is “sports blogging” replacing traditional sports reporting?  A recent
    edition of a multimedia speaker’s series at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism explored that question, as we hear from Jason Murphy.
  • The National Football League’s owners and players are at an impasse, and the lack of a new collective bargaining agreement is threatening the  Fall 2011 season,  Tyler Radecki reports.
  • Maryland students “doing it for the kids” — doing 12 hours of continuous dancing, that is. Kristen  Foca reports on “Terp Thon”.

Producer: Emily Jacobs.  Editor: Kristen Foca.  Anchor: Brian Murphy. Technical Production: Tyler Radecki & Kenny Gartner.  Social Media editor: Devin Miller.  Assistant Producer: Jason Murphy.  Executive producer/instructor, Max Cacas

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Terp Weekly Edition, March 11th, 2011

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This week on Terp Weekly Edition:

  • With Spring Break just a week away, students are making plans for the
    mid-semester break.  Devin Miller says some students are heeding
    warnings not to travel to Mexico, spurred by the recent onslaught of
    drug-cartel related violence.
  • Meanwhile, Emily Jacobs reports that while some students are planning
    a week of leisure and relaxation, some are preparing for a more
    fulfilling, ‘alternative’ spring break.
  • Is Charlie Sheen a ‘winner’, or a celebrity with a serious case of
    substance abuse? Brian Hoffman gets insights from university health
    experts and students.
  • For the rapidly changing news business, its becoming a multimedia world.  Jason Murphy
    has the first in a series of  reports spotlighting multimedia journalism.  NPR managing editor for digital news Mark Stencel recently
    visited the Merrill College of Journalism as part of a journalism speakers series.
  • Anchor Ken Gartner talks to a student who interns at Fox News Channel
    about, coverage of the Westboro Baptist Church, the recent Supreme Court
    ruling, and recent events at NPR.
  • A stage performer brings her one-woman show to the University of Maryland,
    seeking to raise awareness of eating disorders.  Kristen Foca has more.
  • The Terps women’s  softball team hopes to reprise its successful season
    last year, this time with some new standouts, as we hear from Tyler

Producer, Jason Murphy.  Editor: Brian Hoffman.  Anchor:  Kenny Gartner.  Technical  Production: Devin Miller, Emily Jacobs. Asst. Producers: Kristen Foca, Tyler Radecki.  Executive Producer/Instructor: Max Cacas.

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Terp Weekly Edition, March 4th, 2011

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This week on ‘Terp Weekly Edition’:

  • The controversial Westboro Baptist Church protests in nearby  University Park one day before  the Supreme Court issues a surprising First Amendment ruling.  Anchor Tyler Radecki debriefs Capitol News Service reporter Stephanie Woods on the demonstrations at Northwestern High School.
  • Animal advocates come to College Park to press for a repeal of a ban on pitbull dogs in Prince Georges County.  Devin Miller reports.
  • A new medical study suggests that there may be a genetic link tothe tendency to drink too much.  Brian Hoffman has the story.
  • Reporter Kristen Foca says that College Park eateries face new challenges in trying to meet new town restrictions to combat underage drinking.
  • Student organizations of all sizes jockey for a shrinking pie of student activity funds allocated by the Student Government Association.  Kenny Gartner has more.
  • Emily Jacobs profiles a student-run support group, “Terp Exchange”, designed to help foreign exchange students make the transition tostudies and life on the College Park campus.
  • The Maryland mens lacrosse program looks to return a winning tradition to College Park this Spring, as we learn in this preview from Jason Murphy.


Producer: Kristen Foca.  Editor: Emily Jacobs.  Anchor: Tyler Radecki.
Technical Production:  Brian Hoffman and Kenny Gartner.  Social Media editor: Jason Murphy.  Assistant Producer: Devin Miller.

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