Terp Weekly Edition April 30, 2011

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Its our final Terp Weekly Edition for the Spring 2011 semester!  On this week’s show:

  • Tyler Radecki brings us the story of a panel discussion on Sports Media Ethics held recently at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism, including reaction from a Washington Redskins spokesman to criticism of owner Dan Snyder’s lawsuit against the Washington City Paper.
  • Producer Devin Miller speaks to Danielle Lama, a reporter with the Merrill College of Journalism’s Capitol News Service, on the latest in a three-year effort to publicly identify students suspended for violations of the Student Conduct Policy concerning sexual assault. We’ll also hear an excerpt from “Terp Weekly Edition: Out of the Shadows”, the original April 2008 special program that first outlined the conflict between student privacy rights and the public’s right to know in the case of accused sexual predators.  (Please scroll down on this page for an encore presentation of the entire “Out of the Shadows” special report.)

In addition, Terp Weekly Edition reporters are also revisiting, and updating, some of their best stories from the past Spring semester:

  • What are Fraternities and Sororities doing to put an end to extreme hazing that has led to death and injury to pledges?  Devin Miller reports on the return of the Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity,  kicked off  of the College Park campus of the  University of Maryland nine years ago, and how attitudes about hazing are  changing in 2011.
  • Jason Murphy updates his story examining the situation for students in need of housing — both on-campus, and off-campus.  The University offers numerous resources, and in a recent development, has reached a new landmark in its ability to offer students a place to live on campus.
  • Brian Hoffman reports that a recent, and highly-honored movie,“The King’s Speech”, resonates with the life of University student Ben Goldstein, who shares something in common with Britain’s King George: stuttering.
  • Co-anchor Kenny Gartner has more on his original story examining concussions, and the implications for the health of student athlethes.
  • Co-anchor Emily Jacobs returns to the Maryland Figure Skating Club, and brings us an update on the team’s very successful season, which includes national level competition.
  • Last month, reporter Kristen Foca brought us the story of a one-woman play designed to highlight the health problems associated with eating disorders.   She’s back with more information about this problem that affects men as well as women in significant numbers.

Producer: Devin Miller.    Editor: Jason Murphy Technical production/co-anchors:  Emily Jacobs and Kenny Gartner.  Assistant producers: Tyler Radecki, Kristen Foca and Brian Hoffman.  News Director at WMUC Radio is Jocelyn Rubin.  Executive Producer of Maryland Newsline at Capitol News Service, Merrill College of Journalism is Sue Kopen Katcef.   Associate Dean: Kathy McAdams.   Dean: Kevin Klose . Executive producer of Terp Weekly Edition  is Max Cacas.

Special thanks to Jim Farley and Neal Augenstein with WTOP Radio in Washington, and Professors  Merrilee Cox,  Chris Harvey and Sue Kopen Katcef with the Philip Merrill College of Journalism for their help with today’s program.

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Encore presentation: “Terp Weekly Edition: Out of the Shadows” (2008)

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This is a special encore presentation of the award-winning Terp Weekly Edition special,  “Out of the Shadows”, which first aired in April 2008, exploring the problem of sexual assault, and what happens when the public’s right to know about sexual predators suspended under the Student Conduct Code clashes with student privacy rights.  Its a story that continues to be covered by the Merrill College of Journalism’s Capitol News Service at the University of Maryland.  For more on this story, please contact Merrill Journalism instructor Sue Kopen Katcef.

Terp Weekly Edition April 22nd, 2011

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This week on Terp Weekly Edition:

  • Emily Jacobs reports on the challenges, mainly culinary. for Jewish students observing the  celebration of Passover.
  • So, how will you spend the long summer?  Brian Hoffman surveys the plans ahead of several  University of Maryland students.
  • Jason Murphy samples Maryland’s African Drum Ensemble, and an opportunity for all students to learn about the musical traditions of another culture.
  • Also at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center: anchor Tyler Radecki discovers a play invoking Greek mythology and the story of a slaughterhouse: “Minotaur”.
  • A new documentary, “Misrepresentation”, featured at the Sundance Film Festival explores the treatment — often detrimental — of women in the media.  Devin Miller reports.
  • The NFL draft is coming soon, and Kenny Gartner looks at why there’s so much interest in  college football players making their transition to the pros.
  • Many students think tobacco smoked through a hookah is more pleasurable.  But Kristen Foca  says a new study questions the pleasure – and safety – of smoking water-filtered tobacco.

Producer: Kristen Foca  Editor: Brian Hoffman Anchor: Tyler Radecki  Technical production: Emily Jacobs & Kenny Gartner Asst. Producers: Devin Miller & Jason Murphy  Executive Producer: Max Cacas

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Terp Weekly Edition April 15, 2011

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This week on Terp Weekly Edition:

  • Student Government Association elections are forthcoming, and competing parties outline their platforms for change.  Tyler Radecki reports.
  • Brian Hoffman talks to two Maryland students who intern on Capitol Hill, as they offer perspectives on the recent near-shutdown of the government in the battle over the federal budget.
  • The debate over the ethics of eating meat is on the menu for the Maryland Debate Club, and provides food for thought, as Kenny Gartner reports.
  • Anchor Jason Murphy talks to Diamondback senior reporter Connor Walsh on prosects for the Maryland Terrapin football team as spring practice gets underway with a new coach.
  • For some students, the end of semester means rehearsal for students of the dance.  Devin Miller reports.
  • Balancing work and life is something most people don’t worry about until later in life. But Kristen Foca reports on a Maryland student who is making this the topic of her doctoral thesis.
  • For some Maryland grads, moving out of College Park can’t happen soon enough.  But Emily Jacobs talks to some Terp alum who choose to keep College Park in their mailing address.

And next week on Terp Weekly Edition:  An exclusive report from the Merrill College of Journalism’s Capitol News Service bureau on a high-profile former student athlethe suspended for a full year for violating the student Code of Conduct policy when it comes to sexual assault.  An update on a story first heard on Terp Weekly Edition three years ago.

Producer: Devin Miller  Editor: Tyler Radecki Anchor: Jason Murphy  Technical production: Kenny Gartner & Emily Jacobs Assistant producers: Kristen Foca, Brian Hoffman  Executive producer/instructor: Max Cacas

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Terp Weekly Edition April 8th, 2011

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This week on Terp Weekly Edition:

  • Focus on incidents of hazing at fraternities and sororities in College Park, and across the nation is forcing many Greek houses to rethink their priorities.  In the past week, several Maryland fraternities have had hazing charges dismissed, but Kristen Foca says those houses are still working to put hazing in their past.
  • When you’re a college student, there’s nothing like a part-time job to put a few extra dollars in your pocket, as Emily Jacobs learned.
  • A special program lends an academic hand to Maryland students admitted in the spring.  But students say “Freshman Connection” has cons as well as pros, as Kenny Gartner reports.
  • A Washington Post sports reporter turns foreign correspondent when the biggest story of the year – the Japanese earthquake and tsunami – finds him and his wife on vacation in Tokyo.  Jason Murphy reports.
  • So far, the Baltimore Orioles are having the best Spring in years, and baseball ‘magic’ has returned to Charm City.  Brian Hoffman talks to a Merrill College of Journalism professor about her class’ project last year tieing the fates and fortunes of the city of Baltimore to the ups and downs of the Orioles.
  • Anchor Devin Miller reports that Bike Week is showcasing efforts to make campus more bike-friendly. A national bike advocacy group is recognizing those efforts.
  • Former women’s college softball ace comes to College Park, this time as a coach.  Tyler Radecki has a profile.

Producer: Jason Murphy  Editor: Kristen Foca  Anchor: Devin Miller  Technical Production: Emily Jacobs & Kenny Gartner.  Assistant Producers: Brian Hoffman & Tyler Radecki  Executive Producer: Max Cacas

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Terp Weekly Edition April 1st, 2011

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We’re back from Spring Break! This week on Terp Weekly Edition:

  • A rash of burglaries has students in the South Campus Commons area concerned about safety in the dorms. Brian Hoffman has more.
  • Students in the Denton community have a new store designed with their “convenience” in mind.  Jason Murphy reports on the opening of the “24 Shop”.
  • Kristen Foca reports on efforts to make students more conscious of what they eat during National Nutrition Month.
  • Want to work off those extra pounds or your extra stress?  Check out fitness classes available on campus, as anchor Emily Jacobs learned.
  • In the “Terp Zone”, success can be found in the bowling lanes.  Devin Miller has the story.
  • Washington’s only professional sports team that has consistently been in the playoff hunt in recent years is winding up its regular season, preparing for a deep run in the National Hockey League playoffs.  Tyler Radecki reports.
  • A new project seeks to safeguard student athlethes from the sometimes deadly effect of concussions.  Kenny Gartner reports

Producer: Jason Murphy.  Editor: Kenny Gartner.  Anchor: Emily Jacobs.   Technical Production: Kristen Foca, Emily Jacobs and Kenny Gartner. Assistant producers: Tyler Radecki, Devin Miller, Brian Hoffman.  Executive producer/instructor:  Max Cacas

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