Terp Weekly Edition April 15, 2011

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This week on Terp Weekly Edition:

  • Student Government Association elections are forthcoming, and competing parties outline their platforms for change.  Tyler Radecki reports.
  • Brian Hoffman talks to two Maryland students who intern on Capitol Hill, as they offer perspectives on the recent near-shutdown of the government in the battle over the federal budget.
  • The debate over the ethics of eating meat is on the menu for the Maryland Debate Club, and provides food for thought, as Kenny Gartner reports.
  • Anchor Jason Murphy talks to Diamondback senior reporter Connor Walsh on prosects for the Maryland Terrapin football team as spring practice gets underway with a new coach.
  • For some students, the end of semester means rehearsal for students of the dance.  Devin Miller reports.
  • Balancing work and life is something most people don’t worry about until later in life. But Kristen Foca reports on a Maryland student who is making this the topic of her doctoral thesis.
  • For some Maryland grads, moving out of College Park can’t happen soon enough.  But Emily Jacobs talks to some Terp alum who choose to keep College Park in their mailing address.

And next week on Terp Weekly Edition:  An exclusive report from the Merrill College of Journalism’s Capitol News Service bureau on a high-profile former student athlethe suspended for a full year for violating the student Code of Conduct policy when it comes to sexual assault.  An update on a story first heard on Terp Weekly Edition three years ago.

Producer: Devin Miller  Editor: Tyler Radecki Anchor: Jason Murphy  Technical production: Kenny Gartner & Emily Jacobs Assistant producers: Kristen Foca, Brian Hoffman  Executive producer/instructor: Max Cacas

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