Terp Weekly Edition April 22nd, 2011

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This week on Terp Weekly Edition:

  • Emily Jacobs reports on the challenges, mainly culinary. for Jewish students observing the  celebration of Passover.
  • So, how will you spend the long summer?  Brian Hoffman surveys the plans ahead of several  University of Maryland students.
  • Jason Murphy samples Maryland’s African Drum Ensemble, and an opportunity for all students to learn about the musical traditions of another culture.
  • Also at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center: anchor Tyler Radecki discovers a play invoking Greek mythology and the story of a slaughterhouse: “Minotaur”.
  • A new documentary, “Misrepresentation”, featured at the Sundance Film Festival explores the treatment — often detrimental — of women in the media.  Devin Miller reports.
  • The NFL draft is coming soon, and Kenny Gartner looks at why there’s so much interest in  college football players making their transition to the pros.
  • Many students think tobacco smoked through a hookah is more pleasurable.  But Kristen Foca  says a new study questions the pleasure – and safety – of smoking water-filtered tobacco.

Producer: Kristen Foca  Editor: Brian Hoffman Anchor: Tyler Radecki  Technical production: Emily Jacobs & Kenny Gartner Asst. Producers: Devin Miller & Jason Murphy  Executive Producer: Max Cacas

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