Terp Weekly Edition April 8th, 2011

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This week on Terp Weekly Edition:

  • Focus on incidents of hazing at fraternities and sororities in College Park, and across the nation is forcing many Greek houses to rethink their priorities.  In the past week, several Maryland fraternities have had hazing charges dismissed, but Kristen Foca says those houses are still working to put hazing in their past.
  • When you’re a college student, there’s nothing like a part-time job to put a few extra dollars in your pocket, as Emily Jacobs learned.
  • A special program lends an academic hand to Maryland students admitted in the spring.  But students say “Freshman Connection” has cons as well as pros, as Kenny Gartner reports.
  • A Washington Post sports reporter turns foreign correspondent when the biggest story of the year – the Japanese earthquake and tsunami – finds him and his wife on vacation in Tokyo.  Jason Murphy reports.
  • So far, the Baltimore Orioles are having the best Spring in years, and baseball ‘magic’ has returned to Charm City.  Brian Hoffman talks to a Merrill College of Journalism professor about her class’ project last year tieing the fates and fortunes of the city of Baltimore to the ups and downs of the Orioles.
  • Anchor Devin Miller reports that Bike Week is showcasing efforts to make campus more bike-friendly. A national bike advocacy group is recognizing those efforts.
  • Former women’s college softball ace comes to College Park, this time as a coach.  Tyler Radecki has a profile.

Producer: Jason Murphy  Editor: Kristen Foca  Anchor: Devin Miller  Technical Production: Emily Jacobs & Kenny Gartner.  Assistant Producers: Brian Hoffman & Tyler Radecki  Executive Producer: Max Cacas

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