Terp Weekly Edition, March 11th, 2011

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This week on Terp Weekly Edition:

  • With Spring Break just a week away, students are making plans for the
    mid-semester break.  Devin Miller says some students are heeding
    warnings not to travel to Mexico, spurred by the recent onslaught of
    drug-cartel related violence.
  • Meanwhile, Emily Jacobs reports that while some students are planning
    a week of leisure and relaxation, some are preparing for a more
    fulfilling, ‘alternative’ spring break.
  • Is Charlie Sheen a ‘winner’, or a celebrity with a serious case of
    substance abuse? Brian Hoffman gets insights from university health
    experts and students.
  • For the rapidly changing news business, its becoming a multimedia world.  Jason Murphy
    has the first in a series of  reports spotlighting multimedia journalism.  NPR managing editor for digital news Mark Stencel recently
    visited the Merrill College of Journalism as part of a journalism speakers series.
  • Anchor Ken Gartner talks to a student who interns at Fox News Channel
    about, coverage of the Westboro Baptist Church, the recent Supreme Court
    ruling, and recent events at NPR.
  • A stage performer brings her one-woman show to the University of Maryland,
    seeking to raise awareness of eating disorders.  Kristen Foca has more.
  • The Terps women’s  softball team hopes to reprise its successful season
    last year, this time with some new standouts, as we hear from Tyler

Producer, Jason Murphy.  Editor: Brian Hoffman.  Anchor:  Kenny Gartner.  Technical  Production: Devin Miller, Emily Jacobs. Asst. Producers: Kristen Foca, Tyler Radecki.  Executive Producer/Instructor: Max Cacas.

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