Terp Weekly Edition, March 4th, 2011

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This week on ‘Terp Weekly Edition’:

  • The controversial Westboro Baptist Church protests in nearby  University Park one day before  the Supreme Court issues a surprising First Amendment ruling.  Anchor Tyler Radecki debriefs Capitol News Service reporter Stephanie Woods on the demonstrations at Northwestern High School.
  • Animal advocates come to College Park to press for a repeal of a ban on pitbull dogs in Prince Georges County.  Devin Miller reports.
  • A new medical study suggests that there may be a genetic link tothe tendency to drink too much.  Brian Hoffman has the story.
  • Reporter Kristen Foca says that College Park eateries face new challenges in trying to meet new town restrictions to combat underage drinking.
  • Student organizations of all sizes jockey for a shrinking pie of student activity funds allocated by the Student Government Association.  Kenny Gartner has more.
  • Emily Jacobs profiles a student-run support group, “Terp Exchange”, designed to help foreign exchange students make the transition tostudies and life on the College Park campus.
  • The Maryland mens lacrosse program looks to return a winning tradition to College Park this Spring, as we learn in this preview from Jason Murphy.


Producer: Kristen Foca.  Editor: Emily Jacobs.  Anchor: Tyler Radecki.
Technical Production:  Brian Hoffman and Kenny Gartner.  Social Media editor: Jason Murphy.  Assistant Producer: Devin Miller.


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