Taylor Swift leaves Spotify

November 13, 2014

Millions of people stream music online every week—but some musicians say they’re not getting paid fairly. One international artist has now decided to “shake off” her music from Spotify in protest.

J-Lo Book- Ivette Lucero

November 6, 2014

The veteran pop star and actress, Jennifer Lopez did not release a movie or an album this week instead she released a book…Yes a book, entitled “True Love” where she shares intimate details about her past encounters with LOVE. Will you be reading it?

Grant- Mia Simon

November 6, 2014

One college at the University of Maryland was just given a HUGE grant from the US Department of Education. The school hopes the extra money will help students think globally.

Parking Tickets — Stacianna Donald

November 6, 2014

Sick of those dreadful and costly tickets on campus…it’s time to put a stop to all the myths about ticket costs…quotas…and other qualms students have.

Hilary Clinton — Sung-Min Kim

November 6, 2014

She’s one of the most popular political figures.. and this past Wednesday, senator Hillary Clinton visited the University of Maryland in support of the local political candidates in their midterm elections.

Frederick Fire — Eyasu Delesa

November 6, 2014

A fire in Frederick, Maryland ripped through several homes this week. It happened just across the street from a school…

Election Day — Jasmine Song

November 6, 2014

It was Election Day on Tuesday, and that meant Annapolis was teeming with press from many prestigious news outlets. But one student from the University of Maryland is proving she can work alongside some of the best reporters in the field.

Diggs Suspension– Kevin Bonner

November 6, 2014

Lead: The Maryland Football team picked up a huge win in State College this weekend against former coach in waiting James Franklin and Penn State. But emotions boiling over pregame may cost the Terps in the future.

Baltimore Brewing- Chelsea Croft

November 6, 2014

Looking for something social and different to do on the weekends? This new brewery is becoming a popular site in Baltimore…

Apple Pay- Christina Germano

November 6, 2014

Lead: In case smartphones didn’t already do enough… now, they can PAY for your purchases, too.

Kevin Hart Injuries — Aria Chehreghani

November 6, 2014

The sold-out Kevin Hart comedy show at the University of Maryland this past Saturday left two students injured and even sent one to the hospital.

2014 Election Results- Victoria Alfieri

November 6, 2014

After a SUPRISINGLY close race, and a long night of close updates, Maryland has a new governor…REPUBLICAN Larry Hogan.

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